Heavy Traffic© is a premium internet management service we offer to our clients. It puts your website in prime position on many of the leading search engines.  Those engines are generating today's Heavy Traffic.  

You will appear at:

Google Graphic
Yahoo Graphic

As the internet has taken shape, these search engines have emerged as the heavy hitters. A strong position on the leading search engines will substantially increase traffic to your website where prospects can review and purchase your products and services easily. In addition, this kind of positioning will have a very positive impact on your company's overall image.

The internet has changed the way people search for industrial products. You do not have to be an internet expert, you just have to know who is. Look to MacMarty Advertising for your answers. Talk to us.  Let us help position your company at the top.   

"Since the inception date of the MacMarty Internet Marketing Program, our spring company has added 270 new customers; that’s an average of about eight new customers a month!"

William E. Tillinger, Jr.
Quality Assurance Manager