Tube Design Guidelines

Tube Fab/Roman Engineering offers comprehensive product design support. We work with you to help design high quality fabricated tubes and assemblies that can reduce your costs.

Metal Tubing Material

  • Use of standard mill size metal tubing reduces lead time and saves on material cost.
  • Standard material content specifications also reduce lead time and save on material cost.
  • Custom tube sizes and wall thicknesses may reduce process steps in certain applications.

Tube Cutting

  • Standard cut length tolerances at normal production speeds
    • ± .003” on lengths up to 6.000”
    • ± .005” on lengths up to 12.000”
    • ± .010” on lengths up to 24.000”
    • ± .020” on lengths up to 36.000”
    • ± .125” on mill lengths

Tube Bending

  • Minimum bend radius using standard bend tooling is 1.5 times the tube diameter.
  • We produce custom bend tooling that reduces the minimum bend radius to a 1:1 ratio - or less, depending on material and tolerance specifications

Tube End Forming

  • Use of SAE guidelines for metal tube end form design typically result in tube designs that can be made in a cost effective manner.

Our years of metal tube fabrication experience have shown that there are many exceptions to the guidelines listed above. Our product engineers would be pleased to talk with you about your design.

We take great care to understand your needs, the part and its function – then we apply our experience to provide superior solutions by design.

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