Tube Cutting

Tube Fab/Roman Engineering also offers metal tube and solids cutting. We provide mill length and cut-to-length tubing for customers who intend to fabricate themselves. We work in many materials, including: steel, stainless, copper, brass, Inconel, plastics and aluminum.

We make our own tooling – allowing us to offer a full line of custom chamfers and end treatments; including knurling, grooving, serrations, radius, and bullet nose tubes. We can provide different end chamfers on each end of the same tube.

We have over sixty cutting machines available allowing us to provide burr free "snap" and "rotary" cutting. We work with diameters from .049” to 3.000”. We save our customers the cost of expensive cut off machines.

We offer the following cut tube methods and sizes:

  • Snap cut tubes up to 3’ lengths - diameters from .049” to 2.125”
  • Rotary cut tubes up to 24’ lengths - diameters from .1875” to .500”
  • Grider cut tubes up to 12’ lengths - diameters from .1875” to .750”
  • Saw cut tubes up to 12’ lengths - diameters from 2.125” to 3.000”

Value Added Services:

  • O.D. Finishing
    ... improved surface finish on high profile parts
  • Centerless Grinding
    ... delivers precise tolerance and surface finish

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