Small Engine

Tube Fab/Roman Engineering provides a wide variety of fabricated tubes, tube assemblies and precision machined parts that meet the specific needs of the small engine market. We work in any metal, including: stainless, carbon steel, copper, brass and aluminum.

Emission mandates and increased performance requirements are driving the need for continuous design innovation. To help you design quality, cost-effective solutions, we offer product engineering assistance. You may benefit from our proprietary innovations; we offer a patented approach to piston oil cooler assemblies that increases efficiency and life cycle, while reducing emissions.

Fabricated Tubes for Small Engine Applications:

  • Choke Sleeve Tubes
  • Heat Transfer Tubes
  • Breather Tubes
  • Fuel Vent Tubes
  • Shock Loop Tubes
  • Throttle Connector Bars
  • Piston Oil Cooler Tubes
  • Brush Guards

Quality Documents/Process Control:

  • APQP (advanced product quality planning)
  • PPAP (production part approval process)
  • First Article Submission
  • Vision Systems
  • Error-Proofing

Patented Design/Engineering:

  • Piston Oil Cooler Assemblies...
    ... increases efficiency
    ... extends life cycle
    ... reduces emissions

Value Added Services:

  • Waterjet Cutting
    ... eliminates small lot-size tooling cost for flanges and brackets
  • Laser Engraving
    ... provides part traceability and brand recognition
  • Centerless Grinding
    … delivers precise tolerance and surface finish

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