Auto OEM & Aftermarket

Tube Fab/Roman Engineering provides a wide variety of fabricated tubes, tube assemblies, precision machined parts and automated equipment that meet the specific needs of the automotive OEM and aftermarket segments. We work in any metal, including: carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, copper and brass.

Emission mandates, fuel efficiency standards, alternative fuel considerations, and cost-containment are driving the need for continuous design innovation. To help you design quality, cost-effective solutions, we offer product engineering assistance. You may benefit from our proprietary innovations; we offer a patented approach to oil pick-up tubes that simplifies the manufacturing process, extends engine life, and reduces cost.

Fabricated Tubes for the Automotive Industry:

  • Fuel Delivery Tubes
  • Oil Delivery Tubes
  • Water/Coolant Delivery Tubes
  • Dipstick Tube Assemblies
  • Brake Line Tubes
  • Breather Tubes
  • Transmission Oil Cooler Assemblies
  • Support/Brace Tubes

Quality Documents/Process Control:

  • APQP (advanced product quality planning)
  • PPAP (production part approval process)
  • First Article Submission
  • Vision Systems
  • SPC (statistical process control)

Patented Design/Engineering:

  • Oil Pick-Up Tubes...
    ... increases efficiency
    ... extends life cycle
    ... simplifies process/assembly

Value Added Services:

  • Waterjet Cutting
    ... eliminates small lot-size tooling cost for flanges and brackets
  • O.D. Finishing
    ... improved surface finish on high profile parts
  • Centerless Grinding
    ... delivers precise tolerance and surface finish
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