Our new and exciting Bird Bag™ was designed with many uses in mind. It is precision manufactured from PhiferTexPlus® with an APEX 3D Poly Knit™ breathable front. It has a Velcro® closure flap, which makes it easy to insert several Pigeons, Quail, Chukars or a pair of Pheasants for Bird Planting and Dog Training.

The 3D Poly Knit™ will stretch to accommodate the birds and has a soft hand- unlike some hard finish meshes in the market today. The 12” x 18” Bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and can be easily opened and closed with one hand. It can also be used as a Bird Purse™ or Game Bag in the field, a Shell Sack™ on the Trap or Skeet Range and on the Sporting Clays Course or for Driven Bird Shooting, Duck Hunting or in Dove Fields.

This product can conveniently replace a Hunting Coat, Coveralls or Vest in warm weather for shells and game. It is accurately designed to ride on your hip and swing out of the way for training and the shooting sports.

Your options are endless. Use the Bird Purse™ as a tote to carry your lunch, binoculars or other items in the field for bird watching or at sporting events. You can also order our Bird Bun™ and insert it in the bag for use as a stadium seat, on a deer stand or in a ground blind for comfort.

This Multi-Purpose Tote bag or Bird Purse™ can be used for anything where you need a flexible bag to carry items. You can even fold the flap in and carry your pets (small dogs, puppies, cats, etc.) for a walk or even use it for a Fishing Creel, or as a Soak Sack™ to carry beverages when in a Canoe or Kayak, or as a Sea Shell Collecting Bag at the beach.

All bags are supplied in random pick Neutral Colors … please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.

Call 1-800-521-8565 to order.

Bird Purse™ (Mesh Front Bag)
$ 19.95 each plus Shipping and Handling

Bird Bun™ (Foam Pad Insert)
$ 7.95 each plus Shipping & Handling