Our new and exciting Bird Holster™ is precision manufactured from PhiferTexPlus® with a APEX 3D Poly Knit™ breathable front. The holster has a Velcro® closure flap for your convenience, along with and an adjustable 1 ½” Web Belt. With our exclusive Leg Tie Down Cords, the wearer is able to secure the side holsters, open then with one hand, and still carry a firearm or leash during “training times”.

The Bird Holster™ can be ordered as a single side holster and belt, or with a pair of holsters. This product can be used on horseback, as a carry tote for Field Trial Judges, or for training dummies, shock collars and other accessories you may need in the field. The versatile belt pouches can be used as shell holders at the Trap, Skeet or Sporting Clay Courses.

The Bird Holster™ can carry ammunition and allow you to bring back your empty shotgun shells. It can be a game bag for use in the uplands, duck blinds or dove fields. It is perfect during warm weather as the Bird Holster™ can replace a Hunting Coat, Coveralls or Vest.

Use it to carry cold water on hikes and walks, small vacuum bottles, flashlights…. or whatever will fit into your new 9” x 12” Bird Holster™.

Supplied in random neutral colors. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.

Call 1-800-521-8565 to order.

Bird Holster™ W/ Belt (Single Holster)
$ 19.95 each plus Shipping & Handling

Bird Holster™ W/ Belt (Double Holster)
$ 33.95 each plus Shipping & Handling

Bird Holster™ (Individual Holster –No Belt)
$ 14.95 each plus Shipping & Handling